Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Little of This

If you can't tell by all the posts lately, our family has been so busy doing a little of this and a little of that all over Charlotte. I wanted to post a few more photos of stuff we've been up to this week and some of the new friends we've made!

Allie got some quality time with two more new friends, Emma and Annie. Their mom works with me at FHC and it is awesome Allie has such fun girls to hang out with all the time.

Allie's creative juices certainly were flowing this week. She spent some Christmas money on a really cool diorama kit that enables her to build all sorts of cool structures and landscapes.

While Allie shaped and glued things to her diorama, our little friend AG played in Allie's tent! She's so cute!
We also took a few trips to the new TCBY. We all agree that they have by far the best yogurt of all the yogurt shops we've been to. Totally delish.

Allie loves to play Mario Cart so we had quite a few races this week too!

Also, Allie's one-of-a-kind shoes she designed back in March finally came in and they look fabulous!

Here she is sportin' the new kicks...

She. Is. Adorable. 
Z and I are not looking forward to Allie returning to Alabama this week. Life just isn't the same without her effervescent spirit, funny one-liners, inventive creations, and contagious laughter. We love that spunky girl and will miss her terribly.

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