Monday, May 30, 2011

Lindsay, the musical

So yesterday was my sister Lindsay's 30th birthday. Shocker. It's weird that we are old enough to be having 30th birthdays. It totally seems like yesterday that we were fighting over the front seat and what Saturday morning cartoon to watch.

Anyways, since I wasn't able to join the family in Florida for the festivities, I took a new approach to celebrating Lindz's big bday in style.

I put together a short musical in her honor showcasing all the musicals we use to watch together as kids. (I blew up her voice-mail too by creating 10 different characters including Ethel the old lady, bonita Juanita from Mexico, and Mimi the mime that called her almost incessantly and left birthday messages... which to my chagrin, she has already posted to Facebook. :))

Anyways, so in the theme of my humiliation for the sake of my sister's birthday, here is the short musical I made. I can't believe I'm putting this on the internet. Hope you know how much I love ya Lindz!

Oh and ps... I promise my real singing voice is better than my broadway one! Ha!

(stop music player at bottom before watching)

Happy 30th Birthday Lindz

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