Sunday, May 22, 2011

Forgotten Favs

Yesterday I stumbled across a few super cute pics of Al I had forgotten and wanted to post on the blog.

Our friends Ryan and Bethany have the most adorable little girl, Anna Grace (also known as AG). I have mentioned her before on this blog and Urban Cotton (see 'blue eyes' album). Anyways, AG is so happy, so smiley, and so fun to be with I swear she could bring peace to the middle east. Ha!

Anyways, Allie got some play time with AG and Bethany captured a few precious moments...

Allie also got to hang out with her dad and some other musicians at the church. Here she is rockin' a fedora in the green room between church services...
So cute!

Gosh we love that girl and all the love and joy that springs from her heart.

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