Friday, May 13, 2011

Discovery the Place, not the Shuttle

Last weekend Mom, Dad, and Ian (Zach's brother) were visiting in Charlotte. We had a great time with everyone and wish they could have stayed longer!

While they were here, we all took a trip downtown to Discovery Place, a totally awesome and inspiring education center focused on exploring science and nature. This place came highly recommended by many friends and it definitely lived up to the hype!

Here are some pics from our adventure at Discovery Place! I took about a million photos and these are just a few of the highlights...
Sportin' the wrist band
Our first stop inside was at the shelter exhibit. It talked about the different components needed for shelter and had a variety of materials you could use to build your own. Needless to say Allie could have spent the entire day here! She loves building forts, tents, and shelters anywhere we will let her! Ha!

Here's Zach pretending to be under camouflaged cover shooting a gun. Ha!
Mom on the cool cardboard stool
The next exhibit took building a shelter to a whole new level...
Mom and Al looking at lots of sketches and drawings
Working on a floor plan with blocks and boards

Dad and Zach building cities and towns!
Action and reaction. Allie getting blown by a strong puff of air!
Dancing trees. Maybe the coolest thing I saw all day.
These tiny clumps of magnetic threads would dance to music! It was so amazing!
Allie on a bed of nails

Allie, Zach, and Ian
Dad and Zach smashing the can
The can
Making sailboats move
Pulling up

The rainforest!

Why yes it is cool stuff.
Making music by waving hands and feet

Al and Z under the sea
Creepy, yet strangely beautiful
Dad, Al, Ian, and Z
Mom and Al
Mom and Al exploring some animals

I love owls.
Science class!
Pretty feathers. Please add microscope.
Does it blow your mind there are entire areas of this place not pictured here? I feel like we could spend an entire day in the Innovation area alone designing things like shoes out of fabric, paper, and plastic. We fully intended to go back to this exhibit, but we ran out of time. Oh well. Next time then I guess! We definitely can't wait to go back when Allie is here again!

We love Discovery Place!

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