Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby Brunch

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Amanda G's baby shower hosted by three of the most lovely ladies- Ashley, Bethany, and Lori. Gosh these girls know how to put on a good party! :) I was flattered both Amanda and the hosts wanted me to take some photos of the special event and I loved being able to capture all the details! Here are some of my favorite shots from the back porch baby shower brunch...

Place cards of the guest of honor and shower hosts
Table decor and gifts

Delicious brunch and punch!

A few little games with a lot of laughter

Opening gifts

Blanket made by her grandmother
Will's first neck tie. This. Is. Awesome.
 Favorite childhood books from her Advance lifegroup. Such a cute idea!

Prayer. This is totally my favorite pic.
 Amanda with the lovely hosts!
 And the two baby bumps!
Group shot

I also did a few maternity shots of Amanda with her husband Andrew. Aren't they SO cute?
We love you Amanda and Andrew and cannot wait to meet Will!

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