Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Architect

Allie is an artist, a musician, and a naturalist, but this week she also became an architect! After our very exciting visit to Discovery Place (pics to come), Allie was inspired to start drawing floor plans and houses. She even said she wanted to be an "interior architect." Ironic. :)

Because of my background as a commercial interior designer, I busted out all my old drafting tools so Allie could start drawing spaces accurately and to scale.

She is totally lovin this! It's funny to me she is so into this because I can remember drawing floor plans and my dream house at her age. Maybe she is a designer in the making. :) It has been so fun to teach her about drafting, drawing things to scale, using pencils and graphite of various hardness to create different line weights, and so much more.

She has been spending hours doing this and even got her friend Payton into it! Here are some shots of her hard at work...

The art bin full of tools

The architect scale

 Using a t-square

The beginning of Allie's dream house

The "design student" is all packed up and ready to draft! (I cannot believe Al is carrying around all my stuff from college and loving it!)

 I love this face.

Allie is so talented and such a quick learner. She is interested in so many things that Zach and I seriously cannot wait to see what she chooses to do with her life. We love you Allie and all your passions and ambitions!

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