Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Allie Love

As you can see by all the recent posts, we have had a blast with Allie the past two weeks. Gosh we love that girl! She is so special to us and so many people in our life. I am so grateful to the Carsons, the Andersons, the Lindsays, the McDermotts, and all the staff people and musicians at FHC for loving Allie so much and making her a part of your lives. I know it means a lot to her and we are so thankful! God has blessed us so much with a strong, lasting, loving community in Charlotte.

Before Al left I did a quick photoshoot of her in the woods right behind our house. This was the perfect location considering Allie's love of nature and wildness! The trees, vines, and ground cover are extremely textural and lush. Anyways, the photos are gorgeous. Allie is stunning... as usual. :) She is wearing her favorite ruffled shirt, which I really adore too (thank you Nordstrom Rack!), and those hip skinny jeans. Gosh she's adorable!

Here are three of my favs...

Check out the rest of Allie's photos at .

We love you Al, more than you will ever know, and can't wait to see you soon!

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