Monday, April 11, 2011

Remembering April 11th

Today is our 1st anniversary. And I can't believe it.
Our life has been so crazy and fast that it simultaneously feels like we've been married 10 years and barely been together at all.

I'll post in the next day or so about our anniversary festivities, but for today I want to remember the details of our wedding. We worked so hard to make it unique, personal, and portray our personalities, faith, and love. If you've been reading this blog since the very beginning, you'll know it started out as a wedding blog, sharing all the little details leading up to our big day. I'm not gonna go back into that level of detail, but I do want to re-share some general details and photos from the day. (If you are interested in knowing more about the venue, wedding dress design, decor, flowers, etc just send me an email.)

Anyways, the wedding creativity began with our letterpress invitations designed by us and produced by Chatham & Caron. They included a charcoal gray pocket fold, invitation, info card, and RSVP card. Zach and I designed the event logo which was inspired by a Crown Gasoline hat of Zach's.

The ceremony and reception was held at the King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta, GA. Love love love this place.

The ceremony was held in the main art gallery and the reception was in an adjoining room.

We were so glad many friends and family were able to join us on such a special day. It seriously was a pretty perfect day.

Since music is such a significant part of our life, we had music playing throughout the entire event. Little Tybee played the pre-ceremony music and The Gnomes (Zach's brother's band) played the reception.

During the ceremony, our wedding playlist included:
Hallelujah by Vitamin String (seating of family and wedding party)
Born to Love You by Nathan Angelo (special song played live)
Marry Me by Zachary Kale (Zach shared the details of our story)
Hung the Moon by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors (entrance of bride)
Hosanna by Hillsong (giving away bride)
None but Jesus by Hillsong (prayer with family and wedding party)

Mighty to Save by Hillsong (message from Juan (pastor))

Close Enough by Sean McConnell (vows and ring exchange)

Zach and I decided writing our own vows was much more our style than reciting traditional ones. We promised that we would stay emotionally composed (I call it keeping your "game face"), but I ended up sobbing my way through my vows. Blast! Even though I was embarrassed, I guess everyone knew I was very genuine and meant every word.

Zach's vows...
I, Zach, take you Shelly, to be my wife and best friend from this day forward, to join with you and share the rest of what already seems to be a crazy life together.
I promise to love you the way Jesus commands me, striving daily to die to myself for your sake.
I promise to cherish you above anyone or anything, God being the only exception.
I promise to sacrificially serve you, putting your needs above my own.
I promise to protect you from everything that my strength can manage and to trust God for your ultimate safety.
I promise to always diligently search for the will of God in our life, so that we may honor Him.
I promise to forgive as Jesus has forgiven us.
And I promise to be faithful to you, my one and only love, until death do us part.
My vows...
Zach, never in a million years would I have envisioned my life the way it has turned out, but I am so honored God would entrust me with the responsilbity of being your wife. It's true that God knows us and the real desires of our hearts better than we know ourselves. I am continually overwhelmed to know he listned to even my smallest prayer and gave me one of His most prized. I am so blessed to do life with you, my best friend. You truly are the man beyond my dreams. I really do feel as though you have been singing to me all along. It is my greatest privilege to be where you are. You are my everything and I promise to spend my life growing with you, serving beside you, and sharing all that is before us.
I Shelly, take you Zach, to be my husband. 
I promise to respect you and love you as you are
I promised to be faithful to you in mind, body, and spirit.
I promise to always be your partner and teammate through the good and the bad. 
I promise to prioritize your needs above my own.
I promise to always seek God and listen for his voice and direction in all areas of our life.
I promise to love you with all that I have all the days of my life. 

Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and sung by Nathan Angelo (pronouncement and processional to reception)

Our reception was cozy and warm due to lots of candles, white lights, yellow rose petals, and glass decor. I loved the ambiance in this room and rough urban decay of the interior structure.

The dinner was catered by Bold American and the food was delicious! The menu included:

  • roasted garlic and herb rubbed hanger steak, pepper brandy sauce 
  • field greens with tomatoes, european cucumbers, red onions, garlic croutons, and champagne vinaigrette 
  • yukon mashed potatoes
  • squash and zucchini casserole 
  • springer mountain chicken 
  • mashed sweet potatoes with bourbon candied pecans 
  • southern style pole beans 
  • citrus and cilantro seared cobia with tomato and sweet onion relish 
  • orecchiette pasta, red bell peppers, onions, parmesan, and pesto cream 
  • broccolini with garlic butter 
  • sweet potato biscuits 

The dessert menu included:
  • yellow cake with strawberry layers (custom flavor from Highland Bakery)
  • rich chocolate truffles 
  • double chocolate brownies with almonds and toffee 
I actually made the awesome brownies myself since they are special to us and so many friends.

Towards the end of the night Zach sang a very special song of his called "Grow Old With Me." Of all his songs, that one is my favorite and tells the story of a beautiful life lived together. For our friends who have heard it, you know how AMAZING it is! Anyways, I love this song and Zach singing it at the reception was definitely a highlight for me. 

We are so grateful for everyone -not only those who were a part of our wedding, but for all the friends and family that have walked beside us since our journey began in August of 2009. We love you!

To my Zach... I cannot summarize the impact you have had on my life and what you mean to me. With each passing day I realize more and more how unique our marriage is and how perfect our union. Thank you for the commitment you made on April 11th and how faithfully you have stood by it serving me relentlessly, loving me unconditionally, and encouraging me through all the ups and all the downs. I love you my beloved husband!

(stop music player at bottom of page before watching!)

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  1. happy anniversary! hope that you guys have a wonderful day. thanks for sharing your special day...i totally teared up. :)

    side note....i haven't seen you since you taught in the art studio a couple of weeks ago...just so you know....caelyn immediately left and said, "mommy, i had so much fun in the art studio tonight!" you did a great job! thanks for teaching our sweet kiddos. ;)