Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mail Time

Zach and I just sent Allie another care package. We are so anxious for her to be here in May, but we wanted to send her a few things for fun and a few things in preparation for our time together. Here's a look inside her box...

As usual, we each wrote her a letter.

As a fun, outdoor, adventurous activity, we want to start geocaching with Allie. We think it would be a really fun thing to do together wherever we are. To introduce her to this modern, world-wide treasure hunt, we sent her a turquoise treasure chest!
 Rolled up inside the chest is a canvas map with an explanation of geocaching.

We also sent a little Forget-Me-Not grow kit since we can't forget her for one second!
 Since Allie loves ping pong, we got her a travel-ready, tabletop version she can play anywhere.
 We also sent copies of the blog posts since she left and pictures of the bear from my mom and dad's neighborhood. Thanks for posting them on Facebook Aunt Susan!
For this care package, we included some music and DVDs.

Last time Allie was here she asked for some specific music. She also mentioned having trouble knitting. Because of this I took a video of my sister teaching her a few tips so her items don't fall apart!

The last DVD is really special. It's a copy of the 'Our God' video that begins our Easter service this weekend at FHC and it's completely amazing. Thank you Eric Schlenker for your all your hard work creating this awesome video! Anyways, so the reason this is significant for Allie is because she was really the inspiration behind it. Last Christmas my parents gave Allie a few DisneyNature DVDs including Earth and Oceans. Her love of nature has really opened our eyes to God's majesty and greatness. Because of this Zach had the idea to use the DisneyNature footage with the song 'Our God' by Chris Tomlin. The two together are truly breath-taking and inspiring. You can't help but worship when you watch it. It also is amazing to me the impact Allie is having on thousands without even being here just by her being the person God created her to be. It is encouraging to see how he can use anything to bring Him glory and I hope she sees the significance in it. Anyways, Eric made us a copy that is dedicated to Allie and it's so special.

In the theme of Easter, we also sent Allie a small taste of last week's Big Deal (the family environment at FHC). The world around us not only proclaims God's greatness, but also our need for Jesus and how he came to die for our sin. Because of this, we told the story of salvation through five different plants. Since I obviously can't mail Allie five plants, I put together a cool envelop with cards that explain the significance of each plant and how they remind us of Jesus. It was actually a really unique way of telling the story and making it memorable for children.

Here's the outer envelop...

The edges of the envelop peel open like petals to reveal the cards inside

The cards...

Lastly, we sent some treats! A chocolate bunny (because Allie loves chocolate) and beef jerky because...well... Allie loves jerky. :)

I hope you love it all Al! We sure do love you and can't wait to see you soon!

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