Friday, April 8, 2011

Characterize Color

Naming colors. Someone has this job and it must be awesome. I mean really... can you imagine if it was your job to name paint colors, or nail polish, or fabrics?! I recently was painting my nails this fabulous shade of turquoise and I noticed the name on the label for the very first time...

Yep. It's called Yodel Me On My Cell.

Seriously?! deliciously random. This quirky name makes wearing it even more enjoyable than it already was! OPI does a great job making their simple product into an experience. I have a few more polishes, one a rich, deep almost-black purple called "Lincoln Park at Midnight." So visual! And another fierce, saturated blood red called "An Affair in Red Square."

Who comes up with these?! I really want to meet someone with this job one day. I think they would have to be something like my artist friend Whitney- an out of the box creative with an unexpected flair for storytelling.

Things like this inspire me so much to think differently- not just about nail polish, but about how I see the world. So often we rush around and don't even notice the tree in the front yard has produced new leaves in the most glorious "hue of mountain dew" or that the new orange bottle of face wash looks like "sunset at the Puget Sound."

Thanks for the reminder of these everyday wonders little bottle of turquoise delight! I think I just might yodel on my cell this afternoon...

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