Friday, April 22, 2011

Atlanta the Beautiful

Ack! I hate how long it has been since I posted. Zach and I have both being crazy busy preparing for Easter, working on a care package for Allie, and just trying to get everything accomplished we need to get accomplished. Anyways, I have some catching up to do so stay tuned over the next few days for some updates.

So even though Zach and I love living in Charlotte, Atlanta still holds a special place in our hearts. We decided to go back to the city last Friday for haircuts/ pre-birthday celebrating. Since my birthday fell on Maundy Thursday we knew we would not be able to do a lot of celebrating on the actual day or following Easter weekend. Anyways, it was a super fast trip to the ATL, but so many beautiful things caught my attention while we were there.

Our first stop in town was of course Studio Philisa. I am beyond thrilled to have Lisa cutting my hair again and yes, it was totally worth the 3.5 hour drive! I know I have mentioned this place before, but it really is special and so beautiful inside.

Phil's art

Angelique's jewelry
Silly Zach waiting for his turn...

After the haircuts I noticed the most beautiful trees bordering the parking lot. I have no idea what they are, but the texture of the bark was breath-taking and dramatic. (This would be one of the many moments I wish Allie was with us. That girl knows everything about nature!)

Zach snapped a shot of me with my new haircut...

After the haircuts we were driving around Inman Park and stumbled across this little modern gem in an unexpected neighborhood. I tried to hack together a full shot of the house since I could not get far enough away to capture it all.

I love looking at architecture like this. It inspires me to think differently about space and the boundaries we create with materials.

As usual, we took a quick jaunt through Kudzu and found a few cool new things.
This o-mazing sofa has been in Kudzu forever and I love it. I wish I had a cool place for it or the money to buy it for that matter.
 This bicycle wheel sculpture was a new add to the shop and I totally loved it. Again, I wish I had the space for this huge piece, but I guess Zach and I could always just make one ourselves.
For my birthday dinner we went to one of my favorite restaurants in town, Eclipse di Luna. This place has amazing Spanish tapas and a warm, eclectic ambiance. (Side note: I apologize once more for the crappy photos. I didn't take the good camera.)

I love the upholstered seating on the outdoor patio...

The interior...

 We got about a million different dishes, but some of our favorites included Hummus de Frijoles Rojos
The incredible Patatas Bravas con Romesco
 Empanada de Vegetables
 And the best key lime pie I've ever had in my life. Ahh. I love this place.
I love Atlanta and all the beauty it holds! It's such a comforting city to me and I can't wait to go back next week for the Orange Conference!


  1. I love everything about this post. And I reeeeeeeally want some potatoes right now.

  2. I thought of you the whole time we were at Eclipse di Luna Er!!!