Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anniversary Overview

So I think Zach is trying to win some sort of husband award. I know I talk a lot about how awesome he is, but it's only because he really is awesome.

Our 1st anniversary was fantastic. If we didn't do anything at all it would have still been fantastic because I am married to such an extraordinary man. He serves me so well and loves me so hard! Gosh I am blessed.

When I got home from work yesterday I found the entire house sparkling clean (AGAIN). Z sure does know how to speak my love language! Dishes washed and put away, floors vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned. The car had been washed and detailed too. It was awesome. (And he mowed the yard today! Wahoo!!)

I also found a beautiful bouquet and sweet card on the counter.

Later I found out he actually researched florists and went downtown to a floral designer to have my bouquet put together. So thoughtful.

I think it's funny my romantic husband gets me flowers and a sweet card and I get him this...
No really, it actually was a good gift and very appropriate! I've watched Zach sleep with a t-shirt over his face for the past year and thought it was time he got a legitimate sleep mask (with ear plugs too!). My original anniversary gift was much, muuuch more romantic, but it didn't exactly pan out as I would have liked.

Not long after we were married, I started thinking about our 1st anniversary and what I wanted to do for Zach. I thought it would be really cool if I wrote him love letters throughout our first year of marriage and gave them all to him on our 1st anniversary. Great, meaningful, thoughtful idea right? Well this is how far I got...

Epic fail.
Oh well. I guess it is the thought that counts and he seemed to like the two I did write. :)

Anyways, for dinner we went to The Fig Tree, this absolutely fantastic restaurant in the historic Elizabeth neighborhood of Charlotte.

The restaurant occupies the Lucas House, an almost 100 yr old house built prior to World War I, and has five elegant and intimate dining rooms. We actually were seated in a room all by ourselves and it was awesome. :)

(Side note: From this point on I apologize for the crappy pics, but I couldn't fit the gigantic, good camera in my clutch so I had to go with the point-and-click.)

We started off with an a delectable cheese plate app of local artisan cheeses. It was also served with some incredible honey!
Next came the salads...
And then the entrees! Zach had the Grilled New Zealand Elk Chop served with smoked bacon-braised purple cabbage, potato gratin, and boursin dijon cream sauce. (Not pictured). I had the Grilled Provimi Veal Chop and Jumbo Shrimp served with smashed fingerling potatoes, cremini mushrooms, capers, and asparagus with a sherry garlic butter. I would kill for a better photo of this dish.
Words cannot express the deliciousness of this meal. After The Fig Tree, we went to Amelie's over in Noda, a quaint and quirky little french bakery and cafe.

We had a latte and some lovely little tarts including one mini pecan and one chocolate ganache with raspberry preserves.

After Amelie's we went home to enjoy our 1 year old wedding cake.
And it was anything but enjoyable. Sad day! We were so bummed. I'm not sure what happened to it over the last 365 days, but it smelled and tasted like something that had fermented.

Oh well, again, it's the thought that counts right? :) It was a fantastic night spent with my fantastic guy celebrating our fantastic first year together. I could not ask for more.
And our anniversary celebration doesn't stop with April 11th! Zach is actually taking me to Philadelphia in May and I am SO excited. This is really our last chance to see the Barnes art collection (mentioned previously on the blog) and we are taking it! I can't wait! Photos to come!

Thank you Zach for an incredible anniversary and first year of marriage. I love you so much and am so thankful to be married to such a wonderful man!

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