Saturday, April 23, 2011

10,220 Days

Ignoring the whole leap year thing, that is officially how many days I have been on this beautiful earth.

My 28th birthday was Thursday and it strangely did not feel like my birthday at all. Z and I have both been reeeally busy preparing for Easter. It's such an important day in our life and at our church that much preparation is required. As there should be - it's celebrating Jesus' resurrection and our freedom from sin. Maybe I should start having Easter parties...

Anyways, since Zach and I ate out at Eclipse di Luna in Atlanta last Friday, the birthday was sorta chill.

Zach took me to an AWESOME place for lunch that I love love love called CowFish. It's a burger - sushi bar and it's genius. The menu is massive, inventive, and very delicious. Geesh, food critics must have the best job EVER.

(Side note: All these pics are taken with my new iphone 4 and I am way impressed with the quality. It doesn't compare to the good camera, but it puts that point-and-click to shame. )


My handsome man

The combined condiments

Hooray for birthday lunch!

Zach had the apple, berry, and brie turkey burger.

We shared the La Rose Roll which was the most unique (and sweetest) sushi I've ever had. It was almost like dessert!

My entree was the Fusion Bento Box which I love because you get a little taste of everything. One mini burger, four pieces of sushi (The Mark's is amazing), and all the sides. Delish!

After lunch we ran by the mall and it was fantastic. I love the mall. It's such an inspiring place - beautiful things arranged in beautiful ways under glittery lights and polished floors. I will confess that I have not shopped for myself in over a year. Gasp. Yes, for those of you who know me well you know this is shocking news. No clothes, no shoes, no accessories. Last year our budget did not support any shopping so I didn't. It was hard, but luckily my wardrobe was pretty plump with Anthro pieces so I didn't suffer too badly. :) It was such a huge treat for me though to shop again! And at Anthropologie, my favorite place.

I find these stores and the experience shopping there so therapeutic and refreshing. It's just special. I also love the dramatic visual displays unique to every store. I actually almost worked here before I took the job at FHC. Anyways, here are a few shots of some of my favorite things in the SouthPark store...

These aprons are SO darling. Seriously adorable. Every single one. I also love the sconces above and the single red bulb.
 This lamp shade is covered in newsprint and it's such a great idea you can replicate at home.
 My favorite thing about Anthro displays is their use of ordinary items in extraordinary ways. It's always stunning and innovative. Here is a ceiling-mounted sculpture/light fixture made out of flour bags.

After the mall I went back to work until the Maundy Thursday service. This was the first time I've ever been to one and it was really great. I'm so glad I went and got to remember Christ's sacrifice in such a special way on my birthday.

Later in the night I went and had a pedicure. This was also a huge birthday treat because in addition to not shopping I have not had my nails done since the wedding. Again, shocker. There are two things that make me feel like a lady - having my nails done and wearing nice underwear. It might seem crazy, but both things make a difference for me on a daily basis. I am hoping to make it back next week for a manicure once my nails are longer!

For dinner, Zach and I just picked up some good ol' Chick-fil-a after the church services and desserts from Cheesecake Factory.

 I love the Lemoncello dessert. It was definitely a treat!

After dinner we watched Singing in the Rain and Zach brushed my hair for 30 solid minutes. He. Is. The. Best. Husband. EVER.

Thanks Z for spending the day with me and for everyone who wished me a happy birthday or sent me a gift. I appreciate it so much and look forward to my 29th year!

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