Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sun In My Belly

Zach and I had a quick and unexpected jaunt to Atlanta on Monday. Atlanta friends, please forgive us for not really telling anyone! We spent less than 24 hours in town and it was mostly in Decatur.

Our friend Nathan Angelo was visiting in Charlotte this past weekend. Nathan, who I've mentioned before and his recently released album "Follow Your Heart," played Saturday night at the Evening Muse, a local music spot over in NoDa. (Sorry for the crappy images. They were taken with my iphone.)

After a great show Nathan spent the rest of the weekend with us and at Forest Hill joining the band for worship.

Due to some unexpected circumstances we ended up needing to drive Nathan back to Atlanta. Oh darn, a trip to the ATL. :) Although it was super fast we did get to hug a few friends, hang out with the Bailey's at the Brickstore, have brunch with Nathan, pick up our favorite preserves from the Dekalb Farmer's Market, take a quick stroll through Kudzu, get my rings cleaned at the jeweler, eat at Highland Bakery, and pop into Studio Philisa. (Side note: A big thank you must go out to the Pilger's for letting us crash so last minute. We appreciate your hospitality so much!)

I didn't take many photos, but I did take some at brunch. I feel like Atlanta has the most amazing brunch scene ever. Ria's Blue Bird, Flying Biscuit, J Christopher's, Highland Bakery, Thumb's Up Diner, Sun in my Belly... these are just a few of the fantastic restaurants available to Atlanta appetites.

Nathan actually treated us to Sun In My Belly and as usual it was great. I discovered this place last year through my friends Corinne (wedding dress maker) and John when Zach had already moved to Florida. The quirky name comes from a Picasso quote that simply reads,

"When Piscasso was asked what it was that compelled him to create his response was the 'sun in my belly.'"

Here are a few shots from our fabulous brunch. Sorry I don't have food photos. We were so anxious to eat that I completely forgot to pull out the camera!

Old exterior and patio...

The restaurant has a really eclectic yet simple interior.

This old sofa is totally rockstar. One day we'd love to have a cool piece like this...

View into the back dining room...

There's also a creative and handmade feeling to the spaces due to the paper wall decor (trees and leaves) and simple fabrics adorning the rooms.

The tables are simply set with brown paper and yellow carnations. Even the little shakers and sugar packets looked cute...

Fresh orange juice in glass jars...

Usually I hate carnations, but these were cute.

Lovin' our time in the ATL...

We always have a great time in Atlanta and I am so glad we live only 3.5 hours away now. I hope we can go back on a regular basis to visit with friends and enjoy the city. Until next time!

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