Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Parental Passion

Mom and dad (also known as Holly and Jim) were visiting in Charlotte for the last four days. It was fun to have them up to see our new life and experience a little of Charlotte. Mom and dad got to see a lot of Forest Hill and have Zach lead them in worship which I know they were looking forward to.

If you know my parents at all, you know they are very determined people who are passionate about helping my sister and I in a myriad of ways. Gosh I am lucky to have parents who care so much. As the years have gone by the days of helping us with a school project, shopping for party dresses, and moving us in and out of dormitories have been replaced by laboring over our new houses and lawns, getting furniture reupholstered, and dog-sitting.  I wonder if they miss the old days... they definitely we cheaper and did not result in urine on your carpet. Sorry Lindz, but it's true. :)

Anyways, Zach and I are so grateful for not only mom and dad's fellowship, but all their help this weekend. We definitely got a ton done at the house and for Alle.

Working on a lawn/ garden is definitely a new thing for us. We are blessed to have a huge yard, and cursed to have its many leaves. Mom helped me bag up some of the piles I had raked, but I feel like it barely dented the leaf population.

She also got us some ferns for our front balcony and helped me plant caladium bulbs.

Hopefully mine will look like this soon!

As usual, mom and dad continue to entertain my furniture designing with a smile. :) I had commissioned them to help me make an upholstered headboard for Allie instead of buying one. This definitely saved us big bucks, but ended up being a lot more work than expected. The finished product turned out great and I am anxious for Al to see it. Wanna know what it looks like? Here's a hint...

They also hauled up some awesome pieces of tree trunk (thank you Danny Keller!) to be used in Allie's room. Mom also helped me finish a few other elements in her room which will be revealed in a later post. :)

In addition, we also shopped for a new bible for Allie. Zach and I had been wanting to get her a more relevant and applicable version than what she has in Alabama. Since Allie is memorizing more scripture and spending more time studying her bible, we want her to have the best resources for learning and understanding.

Shockingly, there are a gazillion bibles just for kids and teens (all with horrible covers, why is that?) and most of them with additional commentary/ culturally relevant "point of views" about life, dating, friendship, etc. Although this is well-intended, we were alarmed by some of these unbiblical perspectives added to the text. Because of this, it took us FOREVER in the book store and was embarrassingly convicting to stand there for over 30 minutes wrestling with which bible of the hundreds in front of us we liked best, thought was most appropriate for her age and had the most attractive cover. (Side note: Christians in America are spoiled rotten and should be occasionally slapped.) Anyways, we are super excited to give her what we picked out this weekend and hope she will like it... especially the turquoise cover. :)

Now I know it sounds like we worked mom and dad to death, but I swear we did fun stuff too. Mom and dad got to try a few great restaurants in the Queen City including Flying Biscuit (an Atlanta original), Big Daddy's Burger Bar, and Wolfman Pizza.

The new Big Daddy's in Ballantyne
Sweet potato fries and onion straws. Stupid good. 
They also got Zach and I into Bones, one of dad's favorite shows. I think we watched maybe... 10 episodes? Ha... thank you Netflix.

All in all it was a great weekend and we look forward to having them back in May.

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