Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Inside Fun

Even though Al was just here for the weekend, I feel like we did a ridiculous amount of fun stuff. In addition to going to church, attending The Big Deal as a family, and watching How To Train Your Dragon and a few Man vs. Wild episodes, we made treats, played games, and designed shoes!

Who doesn't love chocolate-covered oreos?! Seriously. Allie and I whipped up a few as well as some chocolate chip cookie dough we enjoyed throughout the weekend.

Melting chocolate...

We also had a blast playing games in the student basement at FHC. Thanks Ryan for giving Allie an unlimited pass! :)

Allie LOVED playing shuffleboard...

Uh oh...

We also played a few games of ping pong. Allie's pretty good!
The fierce competitor...

What could be better than old school Nintendo? All three of us LOVE this game. It never gets old.

 Game over.

Allie also got introduced to Kinect (a crazy sophistocated video game) and virtually bowled with dad.

 I think her favorite part was just making her avatar do silly things!

 I told Allie a few days prior that we would design some shoes for her while she was here using She came prepared with an AWESOME custom design.

We applied as much of it as possible to the shoe style available and here's what her completely unique pair will look like.
Love love LOVE her and all her fun, quirky, energetic, creativeness!

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