Monday, March 7, 2011

A Heavy Bucket

Lately I have been thinking about my bucket list. You know, things you want to experience or accomplish in life. It's not really anything you just can't live without, but stuff that would be awesome to do or see during your life. Some are small things and some are a bit more significant, but here's a glimpse at what's topping my list right now (in no particular order)...

1. Sell dat song
Well, I really hope it's songS, not song, but any song selling success will do! In addition to being a passionate worship leader, Zach is a talented songwriter and has a huge desire to write music for multiple genres.
Even though he's got some music of his own out there, his goal is really just to have his songs sold and picked up on someone else's record. For our friends who have heard "Our Little World" and a few other songs, you know Zach's got some #1 smash hits in his catalog. (And no, I am not just being a supportive wife by saying that. ) Seriously some great stuff. Over the past few months we have actually written a few things together. It's such a blessing to work on something creative and meaningful with your spouse and it would be totally awesome if one of our songs sell and make it on a major album.

2. Travel
I have a desire to see the world, but just due to all the crazy twists and turns over the past few years I haven't been able to do much of it outside the US. Zach has actually never been out of the country so before our family becomes any larger or more complex I'd love to take a trip or two.

Greece, specifically Santorini, is at the top of the heap for me. There's just something so beautiful and breath-taking about the Mediterranean. If we go to Greece, I really would like to stay at the Vedema Resort. It's amazing architecture, incredible views, and stunning interiors are... more than I can handle. :)

I love love love how they have drawn such emphasis to the views by highlighting the window frames and leaving the rest white.

Seriously ridiculously lovely. It's definitely not realistic right now, but maybe our 5th anniversary? Or... 10th? :)

As previously mentioned in a post from last year, Zach and I really want to go to London. Originally this was the plan for our honeymoon, but I'm glad it didn't work out since that volcanic disruption in Iceland would have totally rained on our parade (pun not intended).

In London I would love to stay at the Athenaeum Hotel. Check out this building facade and the fabulous interiors.

Love love love it!

In addition to trips that spark our interest I would LOVE to take Allie somewhere of her choosing. Allie loves all aspects of nature. The forest, animals, the beach, you name it. If it's outside it's all-Allie. To put it into perspective, her second favorite man after Zach is Bear Grylls. :) I mean really, what 10-yr old girl out there wants to learn survival skills? I love her.

Anyways, currently Allie specifically loves the beach and says she wants to live on an island when she grows up. Because of this, I'd love to take her to Hawaii or even Tahiti (Bora Bora). She would go CRAZY if we could stay in one of these huts!

Since these destinations are pretty far away, a trip to Yosemite National Park might be the way to go (and much more realistic!) to get a fix on some spectacular natural beauty.

3. Build a modern, sculptural house
We love modern architecture. It's inspiring, dramatic, and just an entirely different style of living. Although most modern architecture stands in contrast to its surroundings, it actually draws stronger connections to the natural environment due to all the glass, daylighting, openness, and natural materials. I would love to design a house one day that meets the specific needs of our family while literally being a piece of art itself.

4. Learn how to make sushi and cook at least one Julia Child recipe (These two things should not be done together!)

I love to cook, I love to bake. I've thrown dinner parties, hosted guests, made a myriad of fancy dishes, but I have never made a single Julia Child recipe. What kind of real home-maker am I if I've never passed Julia's test? :)

Zach and I also love sushi. From some of our wedding gift certificates, we bought all the tools you need to make sushi yourself, we've just never actually tried to do it. The trick is finding a place that sells sushi-grade fish. And watching a few how-to YouTube videos on sushi making. Once we get this down we will have a sushi party to show off our skills!

dipping bowls
5. Become a better photographer and videographer

This requires more gear, but hopefully one day soon I can start shooting video with a nice 5D or above. About 6 months ago I got serious about photography and videography. It's a huge passion of mine and I am always working to improve and develop new skills. So far I have only made a few videos for Allie and Zach, but I would like to be able to document our life and family in a very professional and artistic way.

6. See the Barnes Collection

Although we have probably missed our opportunity to see this multi-billion dollar master's collection at its original location in Merion, PA, I'd still love to see it and marvel at the story and current controversy surrounding this body of art.

7. Buy a Whitney Wood Bailey painting and an elephant painting (Whit, yours is definitely more valuable than the one painted by an elephant. Promise :))

I am someone who believes what you hang on the walls of your home should not be random things, but things of significance. Things with meaning and things that tell a story whether it's a photo, a piece of art, or an object.

A few days ago I mentioned my friend Whitney and her daily devos. In my description of her I neglected to mention that Whit is an incredibly talented artist. I love her paintings, her creative process, and the way her faith is "ticked" onto everyone. One day I will have one of these beauts in my home to remind me of the crossroad between "faith, reason, instinct, and intellect" in each of our lives.

For more info on Whitney's art, check out her site.

I also would love to own art done by an elephant. Yes you heard me correctly. Elephants can paint. Well, not all elephants, but some. For more info on this AMAZING thing, check out the Asian Elephant Art and Conservation Project site.

It blows my mind these enormous animals have the ability, creativity, and constraint to paint such beautiful things. It also is so interesting each elephant seems to have a unique and consistent style of painting. It's fascinating and such a good story!

8. Design and sew at least one piece of really fantastic clothing

I use to have a dream of living at the beach and being a fashion designer.
Once I watched Corinne work for months making my wedding dress and actually lived at the beach everything changed. :) Fashion design is quite similar to sculpture. It challenges my mind to work in ways it doesn't naturally. Even though I don't see this becoming a career I would love to make at least one piece of awesome clothing.

9. Go zip-lining and zorbing

Who doesn't wish humans were capable of flying? Seriously? It would be so cool. And the closest I can get is zip-lining through the tree canopy somewhere. There's actually a place a few hours from Charlotte that offers it, but it's not exactly scenic. Maybe we should do this in Yosemite...

Also, who doesn't want to feel like a giant hampster? Ha! Not me, but I do want to roll down a hill in a giant inflatable ball. It's called zorbing. Seriously, how crazy fun does this look?

10. Grow a garden and participate in a CSA farm
My friend Sara is a true southern woman. She cooks delicious meals from scratch daily, has a fruitful garden and yard, cans food, composts, sews, all while raising boys and keeping a tidy home. Seriously skilled. Although I have learned many things from her, I still envy her garden and her lower grocery bill because of it. I have grown a few things over the years, but nothing super significant. My goal is start growing a herb and vegetable garden this spring to have fresher and less expensive produce for our family on a regular basis.

I also am hoping to join a CSA farm to get meat and produce I don't grow from a local source. I posted about better food sources a few times last year and would like to remain committed to this even though there is a hefty amount of upfront work.

Phew! I'm exhausted just typing the list! Geesh! There's only 10 items, but I think 10 is plenty for me to keep up with right now... and for the next few years! Wish me luck!

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