Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fro-Yo Fanatics

Zach and I love frozen yogurt. Like seriously a lot. :) Just this past week we road our bikes to Yoforia and it got me thinking of our yogurt-filled past.

The very first day Zach and I hung out after church we went to Yogurt Tap in Decatur, GA.

We came here again on our first date and many, many times after. We loved it so much that we even brought our wedding party here after our rehearsal dinner!

After frequenting at least a dozen yogurt places across 6 states Zach and I have become connoisseurs of the self-serve yogurt world. Our favorite place is actually Sweet Cece's in Franklin, TN.

This place has the most delicious, high quality yogurt and a huge assortment of flavors and toppings. Rumor has it this is where Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus get their favorite treat.

It's funny to me that no matter how many flavors I've tried or topping combinations, I always go back to the same. Why do most people do that? Order the same thing at a restaurant over and over, drink the same beverages, make the same snacks. Is it just that people are creatures of habit or is there something more to it?

I don't know. All I know is I'm a cookies-n-cream girl through and through. I always fill the right side of my cup with cookies-n-cream (or chocolate if they don't have it) and oreos. Since I also love fruit with yogurt, I fill the left side with vanilla yogurt and top with strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

Another random yet amazing topping for yogurt is cereal. I love cereal the traditional way, but cinnamon toast crunch on yogurt is out of this world.

It recently occurred to me that I can also frequent these pay-by-weight shops when I just want a little candy or a smidge of cereal. This is an amazing revelation! No more do I have to get a whole pack of sour patch kids (and consume a whole pack of sour patch kids). I can get just 4 or 5 and they can all be red. :) Am I craving cereal, but don't want to eat a whole box? Awesome, I'll just go get a cup full. I wish everything worked like this.

After all the yogurt places we've enjoyed I guess it shouldn't surprise us at all Allie loves yogurt too and wants to open her own yogurt shop one day. :)

Allie at High Five in Port Orange, FL
Allie at Orange Tree in Huntsville, AL
I can't wait to get the family discount! :)

Mmmm. Yogurt. So tasty. I recently saw a new TCBY nearby that is now self-serve instead of set menu items. I can't wait to try it!

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