Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Feminine Forest

Allie's new bedroom is seriously our most favorite room in the house. The goal was to give her a very unique space she could dream, create, and feel completely herself in. I really wanted to capture "all things Allie" and respond to her nature-loving, creative, feminine, and eclectic characteristics.

I posted some idea images back in January and sent Allie a bag of samples and colors in February to give her a taste of what her room would be like. Here's the finished product...

Allie's room is painted "Swiss Coffee" which is just a nice, soft, warm white.

I repainted that INCREDIBLE vintage dresser and mirror I found "Frolic" green...

A few small decorative items adorn the dresser top including a leaf tray, a ceramic bowl full of wooden flowers and sweet gumballs...

and glass tea light holders.

To add a 3-dimensional and whimsical quality to the room, I placed large tree branches to the corners of the room. The bases are made out of clay to hold the branches in place and they are covered in matte leaves and white lights.
Allie also got a "Moon in my Room" for Christmas from my parents. The moon hangs on the wall beyond the branches and at night illuminates each phase of the moon on a timer or by remote.
Above her bed hangs a bright yellow chandelier. I repurposed an existing fixture we had to create this accent piece.

The bed linens are a variety of textures and patterns.

Al's headboard was a labor of love. (Thanks again mom and dad for your help constructing it!) The headboard is finished with a green crushed velvet fabric and tufted with vintage metal shank buttons.
Over her bed hangs a distressed golden 'A'

Next to the bed is a grouping of tree stumps used as side tables for a lamp and stacks of books.

I made this simple lampshade out of fabric flowers I had laying around...

Adjacent to Allie's window dressed in canvas drapery sits the cutest fruitwood side chair ever.
 I found this gem at a consignment place in Charlotte and it's perfect for her room.

A brown metallic finish pillow and white embroidered pillow complete this lovely little seat.

Allie's artwork is clipped proudly to the wall with the help of some jute twine and vintage buttons.

Since Allie LOVES building tents and forts, we constructed a tent that can be hung over her bed when she wants it there and stored in her closet the rest of the time.
 Right now the tent is white, but we will be adding decoration to it over time with Allie's help.
The roof of the tent (what Allie sees while lying in bed) is a place to put drawings, photos, notes, etc. This weekend we didn't make a ton of progress with adding things, but Al did color this dove sticker.

At night, Allie's room transforms into a cozy retreat.

We also got her a sound machine so she can listen to the rainforest or ocean while drifting off to sleep.

We are so happy Allie loves her new room and feels like it suits her perfectly. Success!

I am super proud of myself, not because the room looks good, but because I was resourceful and did it cheaply! Her entire room including furniture, bedding, lighting, accessories, and paint was under $500. The only thing this does not include is the mattress and a few decorative accessories I had lying around. It was definitely a fun challenge and well worth it.

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