Friday, March 25, 2011

362 Days Later, Unemployment Ends and Employee #2 Begins

Gosh... I cannot believe it's been almost a year.
Almost a year to the day.
Almost a year since I left my job in Atlanta and moved to Florida.
Almost a year since Zach and I got married and life really began.
Almost a year.

On the eve of this anniversary, it is ironic I find myself with a brand spanking new job. A new, unbelievably amazing, perfectly suited for me, creative opportunity. And it's 100 yards from my house.

Starting Monday I will be joining the Children's Ministry creative team at Forest Hill to help create and implement the large group environments for preschoolers, elementary schoolers, and families. As Creative Designer, I will help come up with creative (and physical) ways for sharing God's word with kids, participate in building crazy gadgets, props, art pieces, and set pieces, assist in managing web content and branding, help produce videos, and teach in these unique environments.

Back in February I posted about teaching in The Art Studio. The Art Studio is the preschool environment I will have the pleasure of working in on a regular basis. (I cannot believe this is my job.)

For the readers out there who don't go to FHC, That Thing is the creative environment for elementary schoolers and The Big Deal is for the whole family.

The Big Deal currently takes place between the two Sunday services.
 Family camp ad and The Big Deal truck
The Big Deal stage looking unusually tidy...
Creative teaching and story telling

Having the opportunity to work here is so much more than just having a job or collecting a paycheck. Besides enjoying just the fun/ creative stuff, it's such a privilege and responsibility to be able to teach kids about God's Word and vital life lessons that will hugely impact their childhood and adulthood. I've been wanting a job that had a really significant and lasting purpose and this definitely fits the bill.  I am completely humbled to be a part of such critical years in the lives of so many children.

It's also a blessing that Zach and I can work at the same place. Even though his office is on the Worship & Arts hall and mine will be across the facility in ... Pirate's Cove? (it's called something like that :)) it's such a massive blessing to be at the same location even if our paths don't cross.

Working so close to home is also SO AWESOME and maximizes our family time and fellowship time with co-workers, volunteers, and friends.

In looking back over the past year of unemployment, it's been really bittersweet. Even though it was extremely tough to not have a job, being a housewife (for lack of a better term) enabled Zach and I to have an easier transition into married life. It gave us tons of time together especially since Zach's work schedule is unusual and flexible. It also gave me loads of uninterrupted time with Allie that we really needed to develop our new relationship as stepmom and daughter.

I am thankful for this past year and all the hard lessons we learned and have grown from, but I can't wait to see what is in store for the rest of 2011!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Outside Fun

In addition to all that inside fun, we spent a nice amount of time outdoors last weekend enjoying the beautiful weather.

Allie LOVES to climb trees so of course she had to give this one in our front yard a go...

On Saturday we hung out for a bit at the Carson's enjoying their porch and Anna Grace!

On Sunday afternoon we played in our backyard. I love having swings and I think Allie does too. :)

 These boots were made for playing...

We love you so much Allie and can't wait to see you soon!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Inside Fun

Even though Al was just here for the weekend, I feel like we did a ridiculous amount of fun stuff. In addition to going to church, attending The Big Deal as a family, and watching How To Train Your Dragon and a few Man vs. Wild episodes, we made treats, played games, and designed shoes!

Who doesn't love chocolate-covered oreos?! Seriously. Allie and I whipped up a few as well as some chocolate chip cookie dough we enjoyed throughout the weekend.

Melting chocolate...

We also had a blast playing games in the student basement at FHC. Thanks Ryan for giving Allie an unlimited pass! :)

Allie LOVED playing shuffleboard...

Uh oh...

We also played a few games of ping pong. Allie's pretty good!
The fierce competitor...

What could be better than old school Nintendo? All three of us LOVE this game. It never gets old.

 Game over.

Allie also got introduced to Kinect (a crazy sophistocated video game) and virtually bowled with dad.

 I think her favorite part was just making her avatar do silly things!

 I told Allie a few days prior that we would design some shoes for her while she was here using She came prepared with an AWESOME custom design.

We applied as much of it as possible to the shoe style available and here's what her completely unique pair will look like.
Love love LOVE her and all her fun, quirky, energetic, creativeness!