Saturday, February 5, 2011

Record Relaxing

I totally want a record player.
I just think it would be awesome.
I think my life would be fuller.

Few people still listen to old school records and there's something so pleasant and sophisticated and peaceful about it. I mean seriously, what would be more relaxing than listening to Coltrane or Etta James or Ray Charles on crackly vinyl while eating your evening meal? Or cooking in your kitchen? Or scrubbing a toilet for crying out loud? I think it would be fabulous.

Aren't these beautiful?

My friend Danny is a very talented musician and dj. I think he is going to hook me up with a super hip one like this...

I love the cool 'S.' :)

It's things like record players, and eating meals slowly, and candlelight that just make you stop and enjoy life when everything else seems to be rushing by. Why do we make these things special and not a regular part of our life? As Americans we have forgotten to enjoy life in all our striving and busyness and scraping forward that we miss so much. I don't want to miss a thing. I want to appreciate every second, every taste, and every sound.

So here's to my new found commitment to enjoying the little things in big ways. Hope you'll come along with me! Oh and if you are coming over for dinner, don't forget your vinyl! :)

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