Friday, February 25, 2011

Nobody's the Same

Lisa Dale. I cannot survive without her. Well technically I can, but it's just not the same.

(Hope it's ok I stole this pic from your Facebook! :))

Lisa was my hair stylist when I lived in Atlanta and Zach's as well once we started dating. I got introduced to Lisa by an old co-worker back in 2006. Carrie May, I am forever indebted to you! :) Anyways, Lisa is seriously the best stylist of all time. And no I am not being over dramatic. I've had my hair cut by loads of folks and she is definitely the best. While living in Florida Zach and I would coordinate hair cut appointments with our trips back to the city when Zach was booked to play or we had some sort of social function. Sadly, that happened a lot less than I had hoped for.

Oh how I miss her. I've had to grudgingly get my hair cut a few times since August (the last time it actually looked good :)) and it's never the same. What is that?! Why can no one else replicate my hair cut?! I show people pictures, I try to describe how she cuts it, and it never looks the same. Never. Zach and I have discussed this many times and we have landed on the fact that Lisa is not a hair stylist, but a hair designer. Her cuts are completely unique every time and she is stupid talented.

In addition to being a fabulous 'designer', Lisa is also a dear friend. Her warm smile and sweet personality make getting a hair cut seem like just an afternoon visit with a friend. Lisa has been so generous to me over the years, especially on my wedding day. She made a big personal sacrifice that day and not only did my hair (which was totally fabulous), but came to the wedding as well to celebrate with us.

Check out my awesome wedding hair. And yes, I had extensions! :)

Lisa fast at work...

The back...

The side...

The front...

A pic through the chandelier...(Lisa doing Zach's hair for the wedding)

Lisa and her husband Phil have their own very unique salon that is also an art gallery for Phil's paintings and display for their daughter's handmade jewelry. It's such a special place filled with creativity and love.

I told Zach today that as soon as I get a job, we are going to Atlanta on our off day and getting hair cuts! It's only a 4 hour drive!

Lisa Dale we are coming for you soon! :)

And for reals... all you Atlanta people, you need to get your hair cut by Lisa! Or if you don't live in Atlanta, go to Atlanta and get your hair cut. She's the best! You won't regret it and you'll leave with a great new friend. :)

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