Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Little Letters of Love

While tidying up our office this morning I stumbled across some precious notes from Allie that I had to share. This girl is so darling! It warmed my heart to see these again today as I hope it does yours.

This one even includes kiss coupons for 4-way kisses! (see the specific instructions below :))

For Christmas my parents got Allie a few DisneyNature DVDs. Allie loves them all including the newest film on flamingos, Crimson Wing.

Seriously amazingly drawn flamingos (and Allie doesn't erase!)

Her clever spelling of 'flamingo.' She is totally Zach's daughter.

I have a little notebook Allie wrote me a note in as well as filling out this page. Her sweet messages might be the most valuable thing I own.

In addition to being extremely smart, creative, musical, and beautiful, Allie is ambitious and driven! She has a dream of having her own yogurt shop at the beach one day. This is not just something she talks about, but something she has already taken great lengths to plan and make a reality. Apparently she is also a very smooth talker because by the look of this note she is buttering me up for some serious help! Ha! :)

I love her. :)
We have actually been working on 'the layout' as she calls it for some time. The interior is still under construction, but here's a glimpse of what Allie wants her yogurt shop to be like on the outside...

I can't wait to help her with the rest of it, especially the menu! :)

Words cannot express our love for Allie and our excitement to have her here with us in Charlotte SOON. It's a whole new life for all of us, including her. New house, new room, new friends, new church (with amazing environments for children and families), new activities, everything. I'm sure it's strange for children of divorce to have two very different lives, but I hope Allie sees it as a blessing to be a part of two loving families. I know I am so blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with my stepdaughter and can't wait to see her soon!

We love you Al and treasure all our time with you as well as these little letters of love.

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