Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Valentine's Day

Yesterday was the first Valentine's Day I have ever celebrated with someone and Zach certainly pulled out all the stops! Last year when we were engaged, Zach had already moved to Florida while I remained in Atlanta so February 14th was just like any other day.

Not this year.

Last night when I came home from a friend's house, I found Zach fast at work in the kitchen. Yes you heard me correctly. He was making ME dinner! And not just any dinner... fillet mignon! He also picked up a few of our favorite things at Fresh Market such as cinnamon apple chips (our appetizer!) and little chocolate heath bars...

Our complete dinner consisted of fillet mignon, crispy hashbrowns, steamed asparagus, and fresh french bread...

It was delicious! And so special to be completely prepared by Zach.

Now for the amazing part... a week or so ago I posted about wanting a record player. Well, through the generosity of a church member, Zach secretly found a record player (and records!) to use for Valentine's Day. It was fabulous and I was so surprised. We listened to records throughout our candlelit dinner and did some dancing afterwards. :) It was like a dream!

Wondering what we listened to? Only the best of course...

Serenade for Lovers (the complete box set!)

And Elvis.

It was awesome. And old. And crackly. And funny. And completely delightful. Zach is amazing.

Dancing was followed by a very chocolatey dessert called 'colossal chocolate cake'...

and then a romantic movie (Harry and the Henderson's). HAHA. No really, I am completely serious. That's what we watched. Few things are better than 80's movies. :)

All in all, it was a ridiculously fantastic night and I am overwhelmed by my husband's love and thoughtfulness. Thank you Zach for loving me so much and showing me you do everyday, not just on Valentine's Day. I love you!

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