Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dinner Party Details

Nobody seems to have real dinner parties anymore with candles and courses. In an effort to correct this, last night two friends and I planned a KILLER evening for our husbands. We wanted it to be something really special and completely out of the ordinary. This time WE pulled out all the stops. :)

The husbands were given formal invitations on Tuesday...

... and were told to dress nicely. (Zach came in his fancy grey suit! :))

The table was beautifully set with candles and green and white decor...

We also made menus for each place setting...

... and place cards.

At 5:30 (well really more like 5:45!) we served hors d'oeuvres and a non-alcoholic cocktail...

Beef tenderloin bruschetta

Heart-shaped crab napoleons

Pomegranate cranberry bellini (this. was. amazing.)

After enjoying our apps and drinks, we moved to the table to enjoy our four course dinner.

First course: Tomato basil soup with basil goat cheese

Second course: Mixed green salad with pears and honey-glazed pecans

Raspberry sorbet was served as a palette cleanser before the main course (oooh fancy)

Third/ Main course: Burgundy Pepper Lamb (served with mint jelly since lamb is traditionally served with mint jelly)

French onion potatoes

... and fancy french beans with bacon

Dinner was also served with wise man rolls (made from scratch!)

Final and fourth course was dessert of course! What could be better than chocolate fondue, fresh fruit, graham crackers, and angel food cake?

Seriously, it's been over 12 hours since that meal and I am STILL full. It was all so delicious and so fun to make out-of-the-ordinary dishes.

A huge thanks to Bethany and Ashley, my partners in crime in all this. Love you girls and serving our husbands together in extravagant ways!

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