Monday, February 7, 2011

Around and about Anthropologie

As most of you know I have a serious love for Anthropologie. Actually, to be completely honest, I am a recovering Anthropologie-addict.

I am embarrassed to admit my old "every other week" shopping habits that are now quite distant memories (thank you unemployment status). Shockingly I am very grateful my materialistic tendencies have been crushed by a much healthier, realistic, and godly perspective. :)

Anyways, back to the point. So last night I was fidgeting with one of my Anthro necklaces...

 and I noticed for the very first time a tiny, TINY label on the chain.

This seemingly insignificant discovery prompted me to share what I know about finding Anthro product OUTSIDE of Anthro with all you other Athropologie-loving ladies out there.

Because let's be honest... unless you are stupid wealthy, most young creative ladies find themselves enamored with Anthro, but unable to afford it. Your only option is to stalk the sale racks like...uh... me and learn the merchandise better than the employees. (Sad AND pathetic). Strangely, it seems quite difficult to find similar products anywhere other than Anthro. It's like they have this total monopoly on beautiful, unique, vintage-style clothing and that is almost true.

1. Find IT in other department stores 

Anthropolgie is owned by Urban Outfitters Inc. which includes Anthro, UO, and Free People. Free People is the least promoted brand, but can be found online or in department stores like Dillards, Macy's, and Nordstrom. This brand is a little bit more bohemian and priced in-between UO and Anthro. I have seen quite a few FP pieces significantly discounted at department stores.

Also, Anthro's high-end in-house brand is called Liefsdottir. Strangely, Liefsdottir is also sold at Nordstom and frequently goes on sale.

2. Pay attention to the tags and find IT at other local boutiques

So Anthro product is a combination of in-house brands and external brands. Some examples of external brands (product NOT produced by UOI) include Elevenses, Maeve, Moth, Field Flowers, Guinevere, and Odille. These brands can be picked up by other boutiques and sold elsewhere.

3. Find the source

A few brands that are independently sold/ have web resources are Lenora Dame jewelry, Frye boots,  and Hudson shoes. These are typically not at a lower cost, but will provide more selection than what you find at Anthro.

4. Find IT on Ebay

People sell new Anthro stuff on Ebay all the time. Search by the brand names listed above or other in-house or external brand names.

5. Find IT on Endless

A few shoe brands carried by Anthropologie are also carried by Endless such as Pink Studio and Biviel.

6. Find something else entirely

Modcloth is also a great place to find similar products to Anthropologie. You might have seen it advertised on Facebook. They have a huge inventory, but in my experience the quality is lacking and more like UO. They also size things strangely so it might take time to figure out exactly what you need. Free return shipping though. :)

7. Find something random and completely unique

Honestly, some of the best shopping you can do is on Etsy or at thrift stores. Some of my most dramatic accessories that people consistently compliment have come from the most random places! Like this wooden box purse...

Or this one Zach got for me while we were dating... :)

Or this basket purse my sister found for me...

Anthro style is all about the unique and highly detailed!

Anyways, I hope this helps some of you out there find some great deals on some awesome stuff and if anyone else has any Anthro shopping secrets, I'd love to hear them!

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