Wednesday, February 23, 2011

12 Pillows and a Porch

Slowly I am making progress at the new house. This pace is killing me! Ugh! I guess God is teaching me patience? :)

Even though the room is only about 80% done, I thought I should post at least a few photos of our downstairs living room. Our house is a split-level with the primary living area, utility room, one bedroom, and one bathroom on the lower level. This living area is really where we spend most our time hanging out, watching movies, reading, etc.

My camera lens is not so great for interiors, but here are a few shots. It looks pretty similar to our last place, but with a white background and more of an emphasis on the green tones. The modular sofa floats in the middle of the room and is centered off the fireplace.

Previously in our dining room, this grouping of artwork now has an 'asparagus green' backdrop...

One of my favorite things about this area is all the textures in the throw pillows. Lots of velvet, felt, ultra suede, silk, and woven fabrics. It might be a tad ridiculous to have 12 pillows on your sofa, but I love it. :)

More to come in this room once I add drapery, a few mirrors, and some mantle decor!

Adjacent to the primary living area is the screened-in porch. (The deck / outdoor grilling area is off of the kitchen.) I love this porch and how cozy the drapery and table lamp make it feel. I can't wait to sit out here more once the weather warms up.

View from the living room...

View from yard...

Glass jars filled with tea lights and sand (the last remnant of our time in FL!) and empty pots ready for spring flowers dress the coffee table.

And more pillows of course :)

Stay tuned for more completed spaces at the new house! What's next? Allie's bedroom of course!

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