Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mystery House Unveiled

So Zach and I just moved into a mystery house. No, it doesn’t have hidden passageways (although that’d be awesome) or an ominous presence, but we had never seen it before/ been inside it until we were at the front door with a packed moving truck on January 4th. (And yes, for all those wondering, I was slightly terrified as to what I had potentially gotten myself into. Ha!) As a designer, I usually visit a rental property, survey every nook and cranny, and take lots of photos BEFORE ever agreeing to rent a place. I know this probably makes me sound like a control freak, but I also will plan in great detail, buy paint, order additional accessories, and already know where everything is going in the new place and what everything will look like before I even pack one box. 
This was far... very, very, far from the case this time. 
Due to some really cool circumstances, we were blessed with the opportunity to rent a house from a previous church employee who had moved across the country. We knew the house has been renovated and we had seen a few photos online, but a lot was left to be discovered when we got to Charlotte last Tuesday. 

The house is awesome for a number of reasons. It’s four bedrooms, 3 full baths, has lots of windows, and lots of yard. It also feels a teeninsy bit New Orleans-ish due to the wrought iron details and narrow balcony on the front. Probably the coolest thing about it though is that the backyard actually backs up to the church property. We literally live 100 yards from Zach’s office and we couldn’t be happier about this. I mean really, who wouldn’t be? We never have to fight the crowds for a parking space on Sunday morning. :) We also can’t wait just to use this house as a great place for fellowship and community since it is so convenient for all our new Forest Hill friends.
Anyways, so here are a few of my favorite things I discovered last Tuesday when I saw our new house for the first time. It’s definitely an upgrade from the last place. Ha!

1. Kitchen sink and faucet

I love love LOVE this giant sink and wonderful garbage disposal in the kitchen. Our last house had no disposal and that got old real quick. Haha! I also love the dual faucet/sprayer. Super cool and convenient.

2. crushed ice 

Zach and I LOVE crushed ice so having ice and water in the refrigerator door is a dream come true! YES!

3. oven and stove
So I had seen the stove/oven in a picture before arriving, but OMG do I LOVE this appliance. I had no idea how horrible our last oven was until I started cooking with this one. SO FAB.

4. pantry

I had no idea how crazy efficient the storage is in the kitchen until I started unpacking the 15 boxes of kitchen stuff we brought. The cabinets make use of every square inch and the pantry is like 2 feet deep. Love it!

5. dimmers
I’m big on soft lighting so I was overjoyed to find dimmers all over this house! It definitely creates a nice, cozy ambiance in all the living spaces. 

6. outdoor grill (not pictured due to being buried under snow!)
The owners also left an AMAZING grill behind equipped with side basket and griddle. We are so excited to use this soon when it stops snowing. :) Also, cool thing, it is wired into the gas line of the house so we never have to go fill a propane tank.

7. fenced in backyard
I also did not know that our big backyard is completely fenced in. I guess this means Bella and Rosie (my sister’s dogs) can visit on occasion after all.

8. gas fireplace

Gas fireplace in the living room. Perfection.

9. utility room
I love having a utility room/ laundry room separate from any other space! Our last house had the laundry closet in one of the bathrooms so it was always mildly disastrous.

10. attic fan
Also, this is going to sound ridiculous, but I love the attic fan. Ha. I had never even seen an attic fan before this house, but it is a great feature when your upstairs area gets a little too hot and stuffy. 

Hopefully soon I will be able to post some finished photos of the interior, but don't get your hopes up! It will be a slow go and work in progress, but worth the wait if you ask me. :) Stay tuned!