Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Recap

So I know Christmas already feels like a lifetime ago, but I wanted to post just a few pics from our holiday time. Due to all the craziness and upcoming transition to Charlotte I didn’t take a ton of photos. Boo. Oh well. There’s always next year I guess!

Mom got little snow "people" for our whole family. Here's us!

Bella and Rosie, my sister's dogs, are spiffed up for the holidays with festive collars...

fireplace at mom & dad's
Zach and Allie
Allie reading up on AAA travel deals :)
Allie's smore. I think she ate 4 of these! Ha!
Zach's mom gave Allie a really cool indian puzzle for Christmas we spent a lot of time working on. 
the finished puzzle!
We gave Allie a really nice acrylic paint set and 2 large canvases for Christmas. She of course went to town painting while I was packing and did an amazing job. Her art will be displayed in our new house in Charlotte. More pics to come soon!
mixing paint
Allie at work
Hooray for another holiday filled with fun and family love!

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