Thursday, January 27, 2011

Allie Inspiration

So I am slowly but surely making progress at the new house. No pics yet (sorry), but it is coming together nicely. Most the rooms will look similar to our old house, but the one new room requiring a new design is Allie's bedroom. In our old house we only had two bedrooms so Al's room was also the guest room if anyone came to stay while she wasn't there. In this house she gets her own fabulous Allie-inspired room and I could not be more excited to get this underway.

Allie and I talked about her room over Christmas and we had similar ideas on how it should look and feel. Great minds think alike. :)

The room will be very "Anthropologie-ish" in a bright green/yellow/white color scheme. The goal is to capture Allie's nature-loving, creative, feminine, unique spirit in the look, feel, and textures of the space. I want it to be a really special place she can call her own and feel inspired, imaginative, and refreshed.

Here are some of my idea images...

Before we left Florida I found the deal of a lifetime on this awesome french provincial 9 drawer dresser and mirror (mirror will be wall hung)...

These pieces will be repainted to match the bed frame I find with a similar look and feel. Or maybe my parents can help me make one... :)

I am anxious to see how all this turns out, but am even more excited for Allie to be here staying in her new room! I think she will totally love it!

Stay tuned for photos of the finished space!

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