Friday, December 24, 2010

Under the tree

So I had to post about this today because it seriously made me cry last night.

As previously stated on the blog, I love to wrap beautiful gifts. It's fun and tactile and creative and just... so enjoyable to give something lovely you spent a lot of time on to someone else. Until last night it did not occur to me that someone (Zach) was paying very close attention to this and my attraction to beautifully wrapped presents.

Before our 4 course feast was to begin, Zach was acting very suspicious and secretive in the living room, not allowing me to come in or be near the tree. I figured he was preparing gifts, but I had no idea he had taken such time and put such thoughtfulness into wrapping MY gift!

Zach has NEVER wrapped a present before in his life (seriously not a one. He's a "gift bag" type of fellow) so this sort of extreme wrapping took him hours, shopping for the unique 'vintagey' materials and doing the labor. He even picked a fabric flower I could later use as a hair piece since he knows I love accessories.

When Zach revealed the gifts I was completely stunned. I could not believe he had gone to such lengths to make my gift so much more beautiful than paper or what was inside the box. His love for me, attention to things I like and say, and determination to make something special I would adore touched my heart in such a profound way and is the best gift of all.

As I began to think about our incredibly precious and personal love for each other I immediately recognized it embarrassingly pales in comparison to how much Christ loves us. That thought it so overwhelming to me especially during this time of year. Jesus loves us infinitely more than anything we can think or dream of! That is so magnificently humbling when you really think about it.

Thank you Zach for your amazing love and how you show me a tiny piece of Christ's love everyday. Words cannot express my gratitude for you, our love, and our life together. You are my lobster! :)

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