Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Plan, A Path, and A Perfect Time

It is with great joy that I write this post to update you all on the latest development in our story, our life, and our ministry. 

So much has happened over the past year, but also, so much hasn't.

I am humbled and overjoyed to now be at a place where a much bigger piece of God's plan has been revealed to us and our very specific path (that seemed chaotic at the time!) makes a lot more sense. Thank you Jesus for the blessing of understanding!

God definitely works in mysterious ways. Ways we will never fully understand as they are so vast and beyond our understanding. I actually am pretty thankful now he feeds it to us a little at a time! Ha!

As previously mentioned in the post 'Promised Land Living', this year has been a "wilderness time" and filled with lots of questions, confusion, and asking God "Why?" about a million different things - jobs, distance from Allie, ministry, relationships, etc. We followed God's call to Florida last February and have always been certain of this decision even though in many ways we didn't understand it. Through some really difficult circumstances we desperately clung to God's promises and the belief that he does "have a plan to prosper and a hope for the future." (Jeremiah 29:11)

While trudging through the year and taking reasonable steps forward (thank you Elizabeth for encouraging me to do that!) God was investing a TON of time preparing us for something we did not expect. At all. And definitely not this soon.

After our much needed time away to pray and rest (pictured in the 'Second Honey/ Sabbatical' post) God  directed our hearts to begin looking for another opportunity. We randomly stopped in Charlotte, NC to have lunch with a worship leader friend of Zach's, Kyle Dillard. After having a really encouraging and uplifting time with Kyle, we began talking about Charlotte. Zach was strangely drawn to the city and even more strange - had applied to a church there over a year ago before we ever moved to Florida. On a whim, Zach followed up with their HR director and low and behold... the job was still available.

15 months later.

We were stunned by this and Zach's immediate connection with staff even over the phone. After a WONDERFUL interview weekend in December, Zach accepted the position as their new Minister of Music and Worship. Words cannot express how full our hearts were after this time serving alongside Forest Hill and how many specific prayer requests God answered through this opportunity.

This ministry position is unique in a lot of ways and so perfectly suited for Zach. It is a blessing to see how God deliberately prepared him for this specific opportunity at this specific time. A year ago, we were not ready to be at FHC and they were not ready for us. Since Forest Hill has three campuses, Zach will be joining a staff of 3 other worship leaders. How cool is that? Zach is beyond excited to work with this team and collaborate with these men. It brings us so much joy to be walking beside others doing the same, devoting their life to leading worship through music. I still am stunned on a daily basis God would trust us with such a huge responsibility and use our life to bring him glory.

In addition to this, God has already provided strong, spiritual mentors, lifelong friendships, a house, means to move, and just... coordinated all the nitty gritty details of this move virtually overnight. It has been so amazing to see how God has been working in all of us over the past year (us, Forest Hill, and Beachside) and preparing us all for this transition even before we ever moved from Atlanta. God is so BIG. Besides just blessing our socks off, God has also taught us SO much in a relatively short amount of time. It's kind of exhausting, but we are so thankful for it and truly humbled by God's love and presence in our life everyday.

Anyways, I know this post is already super long, but I hope it brings you all a plethora of encouragement and faith that God IS working, in all things, even if you can't see it at the time.

Also, this is our formal announcement that we are moving to Charlotte January 4th (uh... SO CRAZY SOON) to join Forest Hill in ministry. Obviously our blog title will change soon so stay tuned for the new Charlotte-themed logo! :)

Please join us in praying for everyone involved in this upcoming transition - the congregation at Beachside, the people of Forest Hill, and us. A lot of times people treat ministry moves like professional job changes, but in many ways it is not. As followers of Christ we will always be united in God's love and that itself is a beautiful blessing of change. 

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