Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

In our family, the Christmas tree is a symbol of the Christmas spirit - joy, warmth, family, and of course remembering and celebrating Christ's birth. My dad has a special love of the Christmas season. He loves Christmas so much that each year he drives from Florida to North Carolina to get Fraser Fur Christmas trees for our family and about 15 other family and friends.
Yes I am completely serious.
He loves to do this and spread Christmas cheer through his unique tree service. :) Since Zach and I were dad's last tree delivery he helped us get ours put up and in place.

As expected we had a great time decorating the tree as a family, listening/singing Christmas music and enjoying the warm glow of candles and Christmas lights.

dad delivering our perfect tree!
dad and Zach putting it in place
Zach putting up the lights
Allie in the ornaments

through the branches
Our first ornament. Thanks Aunt Susan!
the finished tree!
Us in an ornament!
We love Christmas! :) Hooray for such a lovely time of year!

From our family to yours, here's our little Christmas video to wish you all a Happy Christmas!

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