Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Christmas Eve Eve Feast

This Christmas is unusually hectic for Zach and I. Because of our ministry commitments and travel schedule, we don't have a ton of quality "holiday together time" Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Because of this we decided to make Christmas Eve Eve (December 23rd) a special night for us to celebrate the season in style.

I love to cook, but have not done much "serious cooking" lately due to traveling, busyness, and $. Tonight though is going to be an exception. I am really looking forward to our gourmet feast and special candlelit time together.

What's on the menu you ask? For the first time in my life I will actually serve a four-course meal (five courses is just ridiculous for 2 people. Ha!)

1st course: asparagus soup with herbed goat cheese

2nd course: crunchy sweet brussels sprout salad

3rd course: stracotto with porchini mushrooms and french onion potatoes

4th course : truffle tarts with raspberries

If you are interested in the recipes, most of them are from the Food Network since I watch this channel while working out at the gym. Ha! If you don't want to hunt them down, email me and I'll send you a PDF.

Enjoy your holiday cooking and family feasts! I know we will :)

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