Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I come from a family that is all about tradition and Thanksgiving is no exception. Each year about 25 of my family members get together in DeLand to celebrate the holiday and time with family, eating the same favorite holiday dishes, taking the same post-Thanksgiving nap, and enjoying the same family company. It's nice to know somethings never change. :) Here's a look at our Joiner/Dart/Wilkin/ now Greenhaw Thanksgiving. :) It's Zach's favorite holiday due to all the eating so appropriate attention must be paid to all the delicious dishes made by my family members!

On Wednesday the festivites began when Allie and I baked "Jam Up" cookies that we call the "gourmet pop tart" cookies. Ha! They are oatmeal pecan cookies with jam inside (apple, strawberry, or blackberry jam). Yum. For our baking extravaganza, mom got Allie the cutest gingerbread man apron...

... and made the cutest "Allie" button to go with it...

We had a great time making, rolling, cutting, and assembling the cookie dough. The cookies turned out AWESOME and were so delicious! Everyone loved them, especially Zach.

Thanksgiving morning began with Zach and Allie walking around the nearby woods looking for animal tracks. My parents have many wild animals near their house including raccoons, armadillos, and even a bear. 
morning rays at mom and dad's
talking about bear tracks
Lunch was had at Aunt Susan's house (next door to mom and dad's)...

love these rolls
my grandma's beautiful carrot cake
We like to name the Pilgrim shakers so Allie named these "Samuel and Hatia"
Many tables were placed throughout the house to seat all the family. We sat in the main dining room...
L to R: Granddaddy, Steve, Mom, Ginny, Lindsay, Allie, Ian, Zach
my sister Lindsay having a very interesting convo with Al
my brother-in-law Steve and cousin Ginny
mom, granddaddy, and grandma
It was our first Thanksgiving with Allie and of course she stole the show with her cuteness and beautiful personality...

in the door wreath
funny faces smashed on the glass
I took a few legit photos for some of my family and got this great shot of Zach and Al in the process...

Here's a few I took of Aunt Susan, Uncle Lloyd, and Gin... oh and Murphy the beagle too!

Their Christmas card photo
As Thanksgiving came to a close, Allie got to play with my sister's two dogs, Bella and Rosie. Allie loves these guys and playing in the backyard so much! 

Al in the yard
All in all we all had a great Thanksgiving day and are so thankful for many things, especially each other. 

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