Friday, November 12, 2010

A stampede of accomplishment

Anyone that knows Zach knows he loves loves LOVES to cycle. He just loves being on a bike and conquering challenging terrain. He particularly enjoys cycling in the mountains due to the weather, scenic landscapes, and aggressive climbs.

On our recent trip to western North Carolina, Zach decided to take on a huge feat and bike Fie Top Road, the ridiculously steep and treacherous climb from Maggie Valley to the Cataloochee Ranch.

Fie Top Road is a 3 mile long narrow, winding mountain road.  It averages about a 15% incline and the elevation begins at 3200 ft and tops out at 4800 ft. I was nervous about Zach doing this due to all the hidden curves and vehicles on the road, but he had his heart set on conquering it.

Who am I to tell him he can't? :)

Since his road bike was in the shop, Zach set out to make it happen with a Trek mountain bike. (Thanks Jeff for letting us borrow it!) I think it took about 40 minutes to reach the top, but it was definitely worth it to accomplish such a feat and see this view at sunset.

Here are a few shots of the champion cyclist :)

Needless to say when he got to the top Zach was mighty proud of himself! He gave out a loud shout from a nearby hilltop. To our surprise, about 20 horses grazing in a close field, looked at Zach and started charging his direction.

We both were a bit scared at first of all the stampeding horses, but they ran on past us and up the next mountain. (See Zach on the hill with the horses below.)

Sadly, due to all the shocking, yet really cool, commotion we didn't get any great shots of all this horse action. All we got was what the horses left behind for us to remember them by...

All in all it was a great evening and I am super proud of my man. When Zach sets his mind to something, there's no stopping him!

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