Monday, November 22, 2010

A Pow-Wow and Pioneers

On Sunday, Allie and I went to the Native American Pow-Wow at the Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts in Barberville. The settlement is an educational institution committed to collecting, preserving, and displaying the cultural heritage of the community. We lucked out since the pow-wow is an annual event and just so happened to be while Allie was with us. Since she totally loves Native American stuff right now, it could not be a more appropriate activity.

The pow-wow included lots and lots of handmade authentic crafts, clothing, displays and traditional dancing.

our entrance hand stamps
a legit tepee 
tepee roof
coon skin cap still with the face!
playing the wolf-painted drum
wooden snakes

handmade indian accessories
hiding in the animal skins
admiring the feathers and wolves painted on them
dancing with an indian princess during the "kid candy dance"
all the candy Allie collected during the dance
indian war paint!
We totally loved this indian! He was amazing!
Of all the handmade crafts there, what Allie wanted most was racoon teeth to go with her raccoon skin. Ha!
After we finished at the pow-wow, we went ahead and visited all the other sites at the settlement learning about pioneer life.

talking to a turkey
chicken eggs
crazy geese who wouldn't stop bothering us. Ha!
Amazingly beautiful peacock. This was definitely our favorite animal.
Working loom
loom detail
drippy candles

All in all, we have a fabulous time and Allie loved seeing all the indian stuff! Thanks for recommending it mom!

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