Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Urban Cotton

A few weeks back I mentioned our new fabulous Canon camera. I guess we shouldn't be surprised that we thoroughly enjoy taking pictures, maybe too much. Zach and I pretty much love doing anything creative together. This fresh past-time has taken us in a new direction and led to the launch of our new photography site, Urban Cotton.

Urban Cotton was born during one of our many trips to see Allie in Alabama. As stated on the site, Urban Cotton "is a reflection of our rural roots and city souls. We have a complex infatuation with places like the quiet fields of Alabama and the edgy streets of Atlanta. Our photography focuses on capturing and combining this contrast through the detailed textures and dynamic personalities found in everyday life."

We are still learning a lot about lighting, the camera, and editing, but we have been pretty happy with our initial portfolio. Here's a few of our favorite shots thus far...

We are open to taking clients, and actually have our first engagement shoot already on the books. Yay! We look forward to the future and expanding our knowledge of photography and creative ability. Stay tuned for more on the site!

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