Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lost Love

So I don't think I've mentioned that Zach and I love Netflix. Since we don't have cable, Netflix and Hulu have become our closest friends by bringing us consistent entertainment and contact with the outside world. Ha!

A few weeks back, Zach and I started watching Lost, or shall I say "re-watching" Lost. I have been a Lost-follower since that epic pilot episode back in 2004 and stayed with it right up to the bitter end. We were thrilled to find all the Lost seasons available for instant download on Netflix and began watching them religiously. We got half way through season 3 and then the unthinkable happened. 

Right when we were fully committed, addicted, and obsessed with spending way too much time watching a tv show, Netflix's instant download licensing for Lost expired and they are now only available by mail. 

This major hiccup in our continual Lost watching caused us great distress and has led to the most surprising and alarming turn of events: a return to Blockbuster video.

Please note the ANCIENT Blockbuster sticker on the cover. 
In all honesty, I didn't know you could still go to a Blockbuster anymore. It's been years since I walked into a blue and yellow store with wall-to-wall racks of over priced videos. This is by far the most inconvenient way of watching something, but is apparently necessary since we cannot wait the few days of mail time required by the Netflix mail process. Yes, we (umm... ZACH) is that into watching it. :)

In case you were wondering, Blockbuster is a very interesting place these days- empty, overly spacious and stocking more candy than actual videos. There are NO old movies anymore and by "old" I mean something released more than 3 years ago (unless it's a series). It is actually quite sad to see something that was such a big part of culture be cast to the wayside and left to slowly die away, forgotten and bankrupt.

Anywho... we have taken to going here on an almost daily basis to get our crack cocaine of tv and head home. The final leg of season 3 was watched with take-out from our lovely indoor candlelit "picnic area" as pictured below.

I feel like Lost is like the movie Inception. The more you watch it, the more confused you are. Ha! But I guess that makes for a great show/ movie when you can talk about it or think about it forever and never end up with a good solid explanation. 

Those writers... they definitely keep us entertained and looking for answers. 

So with my dilapidated Blockbuster card in hand, we now begin season 4 with a bunch of new characters and about a million new plot lines. Ha! This is my favorite season though because it introduces one of the most pivotal and interesting characters in the whole series: Daniel Faraday. 

Oh how we love Lost. 

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