Saturday, October 30, 2010

I am the luckiest

Today is husband appreciation day, atleast for me.
Even though life has been challenging lately, Zach has been my knight in shining armor and he deserves a heap of credit. Thank you Zach for:
  • designing four different resumes for me 
  • helping me job hunt
  • selling your guitar so I could get a nice camera
  • bringing me chocolate-covered oreos (or the occasional doughnut)
  • brushing my hair (sorry I just told everyone that :))
  • washing the dishes and taking care of the kitchen
  • playing extra gigs just for the extra dough
  • encouraging me, supporting me, and loving me even on my most miserable days
  • and serving me in about a million other ways. 

I love you and appreciate you so much. I am honored to be your wife and am the luckiest person on earth. This video doesn't even come close to showing you what you mean to me, but it is a start...

(for those of you watching this, make sure you stop the music player at the bottom of this page before starting the video!)

The Luckiest from Zach + Shelly Kale on Vimeo.

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