Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Photo-fabulousness in Florida

Yesterday, Zach and I had the great privilege of doing a photo shoot with Ally Powell and John Carl of Duck Duck Collective. We wanted to capture our new life in our new location as well as get some additional shots in our wedding attire.

We had an absolutely fabulous time with them and shot until it was almost completely dark.  Ha! They are not only incredible photographers, but such a great couple! Wow! We enjoyed their company so much and hope we can hang out with them again in the future.

Since our photos are obviously not done yet from yesterday's shoot, I thought I'd post photos of them instead. Their personalities, personal style, and photographic style are very unique and beautiful. Thank you guys so much for your time, attention to detail, and amazing skills. You have blessed us!

Please check out their site or follow their blog. You don't wanna miss their great photography!

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