Monday, September 13, 2010

Perfect Preserves

Zach and I are seriously addicted to McCutcheon's Preserves! I stumbled across this brand at Whole Foods, but got really into it while shopping at the DeKalb Farmers Market in Decatur, GA.

McCutcheon's is a Maryland-based,  family owned and operated company that produces amazingly delicious products without preservatives. Their website is horrendous, but their products are so tasty I think I could eat a tree stump covered in the stuff. 

Seriously, what is better than a good piece of toast smothered in good jam? AH... one of my all-time favorite comfort foods. 

If you've never tried it or don't already have a favorite we recommend the apple pie, blackberry, and strawberry preserves. YUM.

We are absolutely desperate to find this stuff stocked somewhere in Florida since we don't want to pay the ridiculous shipping costs from the factory. If you know of a store that carries it, PLEASE tell us about it!

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