Sunday, September 19, 2010

My husband's hair tie

Zach continues to surprise me in unique and thoughtful ways. Here's the latest...

On occasion I find myself in a royal fit of frustration at home looking for hair ties. You know, a "pony tail holder" or fabric covered rubber band made for tying up one's hair.  For some reason these vanish at our house. One day I have 6, the next day - 6. I look everywhere, in every purse, in every drawer, in every dress with pockets and come up empty almost EVERY TIME. This infuriates me to no end and results in a small, lady-like tantrum because I can't stand losing things. This whole scenario happens more often than I would like to admit. :)

At dinner the other night (same dinner with the "chip" of butter incident), I looked over at Zach and saw this:

I was completely shocked to see one of my vanishing hair ties on my husband so I said, "Why on earth do you have that on your wrist?!"

His reply? "It's for you babe. I found one today and put it on my wrist so I had one ready when you needed it."

This touched my heart in a greater way than a thousand flowers or a trunk full of gifts.
My husband knows me.
My husband wears a hair tie to serve me.
Thank you Zachary Kale.


  1. Just another reason to say, "Thank you Jesus!"

  2. This is a wonderfully amazing story...thanks for sharing! I love your blog and beautiful photos! So happy for you!