Monday, September 27, 2010

Faith of a child

Beautiful, spiritual, funny, quirky, wilderness-loving Allie. 

What a blessing she is to our life. I never really thought about being a stepmom before meeting Zach, but Allie has brought such joy to my life it is sometimes hard to contain. She is a marvelous old soul and has profound maturity beyond her age. Seeing her grow, experiencing her wisdom, and getting to know her amazing character has been something I could never imagine. I love her and am honored God would entrust me with one of his most beloved children. (I know God doesn't play favorites, but if he did, Allie would be at the top of the heap :))

The other day,  Zach was talking to Allie about coming to see her in Alabama and she was disappointed I would not be able to make the trip. Zach began to try and explain that even though we desperately wanted to all be together, there was just not enough money in the bank for us both to come this time. (heart-breaking for us by the way...) Without hesitation though, Allie matter-of-factly replied, "Well then just ask God for the money."

Her simple response almost stunned us. Unbeknownst to her, the issue of traveling to her and being apart from her had been weighing quite heavily on us over the past few months. Moving to Florida and being 10 hours away was never our plan, but where God's path has led. Even though it has not been difficulty-free, we are certain of his calling and trusting him to provide. The distance from Allie has been the most painful thing for us and not being able to witness all the little details of her life.

Our burdened spirits were shaken with Allie's response and reminded that it is that simple. Oh to have faith like a child and not be jaded or fearful or wanting to control your own way! God is sooo great, and sooo powerful. He is over our circumstances and our ultimate provider. He knows our hearts, he knows our needs, and he is with us always.

The issue of faith has been on my heart since this conversation. I think God is driving me to that place where true faith - faith that causes you to abandon everything that feels "like the smart thing"or "what everyone else says to do," faith that literally is capable of moving mountains. Faith of a child. Belief in the impossible without hesitation. My friend Whitney always says we have "grace amnesia" and boy is she right. How quickly we can forget what God has already done for us and how he desires to do immeasurably more than we could think to even ask for if we only put our trust in him.

Thank you Allie, for reminding me of this truth. Thank you for the ways you encourage me without even knowing it. Thank you for your sweet spirit and your beautiful heart.

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