Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'll take 'the Zach'

Zach and I love to eat. We were intensely spoiled living in Atlanta, surrounded by a plethora of fan-freakin-tastic restaurants that (at the time) we did not realize was out of the ordinary. Sweet potato pancakes, black-bean sliders, raging burritos and tacos alike, we frolicked from establishment to establishment reveling in delicious flavors with full bellies and empty wallets. Sadly we continue to covet these places from a distance and are already debating what meals we will partake of when we go to Atlanta in August. Pa-thetic.
Naturally, our first order of business in Florida was to find our new “jam,” our “Highland Bakery of the south” if you will. Serendipity served us another savory helping as we stumbled upon the best pizza we have ever had in our entire life - Shroomer’s. From the outside, one would not think twice about this business. One could potentially drive by a hundred times and not even notice this tiny, dilapidated shack of a place. Lucky for us, we are adventurous, Zach likes to eat late at night, and Shroomer’s is located at the end of our street. 
There are many noteworthy characteristics of this quirky pizza joint, one of which is the wide array of toppings. The first time we ordered we randomly selected a custom combination that has now made it on their menu as “The Zack.”  So what makes The Zack pizza out of this world? 
• 8-grain crust
• red sauce
• light cheese
• grilled chicken
• mushrooms
• onions
• sliced tomatoes
• sliced zucchini
• a splash of pesto sauce
Seriously redonk. Perfect combo of flavors and textures. You gotta give it a try cause it will blow your mind. 
Other important tidbits about our favorite pizza shack?
They grow their own vegetables
They are open until 2 am (sometimes later)
It’s a tad sketchball so take your gun if you go late-night! Ha!
We are still on the hunt for more hidden gems in our new hood, but Shroomer’s will always have our heart. 

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