Friday, July 30, 2010

Exact Change

Since moving to Ormond Beach, God has made himself more visible in our life than ever before. For a variety of reasons, life has also been much more challenging here, but God has provided in amazingly detailed and personal ways. He continues to show us he has purpose for us here and is truly in all facets of our life. EVERY. Minute. Detail. 
Recently, I somehow severely injured my lower back. All of a sudden I was experiencing a lot of pain that escalated until I could not sit up in bed one morning. It’s humbling and terrifying to find yourself in such a state especially at my age and activity level. According to the chiropractor, I have no degenerative disc problems, just a lot of vertebrae out of alignment needing immediate attention. This news fell on heavy hearts as Zach and I have been financially challenged due to our increased living expenses and my lack of job. As the chiropractor discussed the amount of care needed to fix my spine, I was overcome with more panic and fear due to the associated cost. I knew we had no room for an extra bill at this point, much less continued chiropractic care. I felt so beat down when we were already down (literally for me) and struggling with the stress of it all. 
As tears filled my eyes I looked over at Zach and saw a much different reaction in him.  A smile slowly crossed his face as he gently told me he had received an extra check that morning totaling the exact amount we needed for my chiropractic care. ‘Overwhelmed’ does not come close to describing how I felt seeing God provide down to the last penny, meeting this specific need at this specific time. 
It’s almost unfathomable to think, know, and truly accept God is so acutely aware of our every need. How/ why do we continue to doubt him (by letting stress dominate our lives) when the going gets really tough? Thank you Jesus for your patience. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for loving us and showing us you are our ultimate provider. We trust you with all that we are. 

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